Chocolate tank cleaning | Non-man entry to the tank.

Chocolate tank cleaning | Non-man entry to the tank

Bcj have spent the last 5 days cleaning a large tank that’s used for mixing and storing chocolate!

We know what you’re thinking and no, we didn’t get paid in the form of chocolate, we have to keep our physiques in tip-top condition, so we can continue to enter confined spaces!

We get enquiries asking about all sorts of tanks that store lots of different things including oil, diesel, foam, yogurt and concrete but this was our very first storage tank that stored chocolate! We couldn’t enter this tank manually to clean so we employed a non-entry tank clean (for more information about our non-entry tank cleaning services please click: We used our controlled jetting heads and operated them remotely using sophisticated hardware.

As with other storage tanks containing fuels and chemicals, problems can be caused by a build up of contamination. Take this tank. As the crud and sludge builds up, the mixing becomes harder and harder and can lead to the damage of the tanks mixing ability and damage to its blades. This can cause costly servicing and repairs. Regularly cleaned and maintained tanks will result in less downtime, faster cleans and less contamination. This improves both productivity and reduced cleaning time.

We were able to position our boon in between the propeller blades so that we could give the tank a thorough clean removing all sludge and crud with a surface clean enough to…. well, eat your chocolate off!! This tank clean has led us to a maintenance contract that includes another 10 tanks across 3 new sites.

Don’t forget, if you have a site that has tanks we can help. It doesn’t matter what size or shape they are. It doesn’t matter if access is restricted, we can successfully clean your tank.