Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal Services. We move all waste under the current legislation. Here at Bio Clean Jetting we are registered waste carriers, which should be your first concern when choosing a waste disposal company in Birmingham, West Midlands and nationwide.

Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal Services

A brief outline of our services are below:

  • We can offer a chemist service for identification of the waste.
  • All legal documents are provided by Bio Clean Jetting.
  • Only licensed waste disposal sites.

Bio Clean Jetting offer a quick response for the collection of sharps needle’s and also offer a complete service from carrying out a full needle sweep of a property to an open area sweep and search for any related items.

All our operatives are fully trained in this field of work and safety is paramount. Discarded needle’s pose a threat to the health of the general public and workers and should be removed as soon as possible.

Remember: It is the producer who is responsible for their waste until its final disposal / recovery. Using unlicensed contractors or contractors who fail to dispose of the waste properly can result in heavy penalties and possible environmental contamination.

Needle Sweeps / Collection Service

Sharps disposal by self-injectors is not typically regulated and self-injectors do not always know the safest disposal methods. This situation could lead to haphazard disposal habits and increased community exposure to sharps.

People/ public are at the greatest risk of being stuck by used sharps include sanitation and sewage treatment workers, janitors and housekeepers, and children. People exposed to sharps face not only the risk of a painful stick, but also the risk of contracting a life-altering disease such as HIV/AIDS or Hepatitis B or C.  

Are you interested in a specific service?

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