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Heating oil tanks are extremely beneficial both for domestic and commercial services. From being safe, eco-friendly, cost-effective and sustainable, the benefits of a heating oil tank cannot be understated.

Sometimes however, heating oil tanks can run into problems that require them to be repaired, refurbished or renovated. Apart from aging  – one of the major headaches that afflict heating oil tanks are clogged pipes.

When oil tanks have been in use for many years they may start to accumulate water as a result of condensation. When this condensed water is mixed with heating oil inside the tank it is transformed into a sludge-like sticky residue.

Heating problems are experienced when this sludge reaches the tank outlets and blocks them off. This is where our company Bio Clean Jetting comes in.

What We Offer

For many years we have offered a variety of industrial tank cleaning and disposal services from our base in the Midlands. One of our most popular services is heating oil removal and our tank decommissioning service that we continue to offer our domestic and commercial clients.

This comes with the advantage of keeping your tank functioning optimally as well as saving on repair costs. No matter the size, shape, construction, and location of your heating tank, BCJ has the equipment and expertise to work on it.

Domestic Heating Oil Tank Removal

Are you looking to remove unwanted fuel or heating oil tank from your domestic premises?

We are aware that homeowners may want to avoid heating problems by removing unwanted oil and sludge. They may also be looking to replace the tank with something better or just create some more space around the house. Homeowners also want as little disturbance and disruption to their free time as possible. This is why our team comes in to take care of your needs while you use your free time to do something else constructive.

Preliminary Activities

Before any works commence on-site, we deliver various services such as the preparation of a health and safety plan, method statement and risk assessment. We also ensure that the site complies with all health and safety regulation during the first site visit.

After Removal

After the tank has been safely extracted and drained we take it to one of our recycling partners. Here they start the ecologically friendly process of putting the raw materials into good use. The unwanted heating oil is taken to a refinery where it is purified back into usable fuel.

Commercial Heating Oil Tank Removal

Commercial heating oil tanks are not only much bigger but also much more complicated to handle than their domestic counterparts. If you have finished work on-site but have some waste heating oil remaining BCJ can help you not only dispose of it but also cash in on it. We can also assist you in the removal and recycling of the actual tank.

Hazard Removal

Commercial oil tanks can have a variety of hazardous substances such as diesel, kerosene, red diesel, industrial heating oil, and lubricants. The draining and disposal of these substances must be done in accordance with all environmental laws and regulations. We can perform everything for you including the site survey, to the removal of the heating tank and its contents.

Hazard Disposal

Once we have drained all the waste fuel from the tank, we take it to a refinery where it is processed back into useful fuel. All this is done within the safeguards of strong environmental guidelines and processes.

JCB being used to break the ground so that we can perform an underground fuel tank removal

Tank Removal

In addition to our heating oil removal services, our team is well equipped to remove any heating tank shape and size. Over the years we have successfully removed and decommissioned heating tanks located in various commercial areas such as.

    • Factories
    • Railways
    • Ship Yards
    • Construction Sites

To find out more about our Tank Removal services please click here.

With our centralised location in the Midlands, we boast of nationwide coverage in the UK. In addition to offering cost-effective services custom tailored to your requirements wherever you are, we offer express service to residents of West Midlands.

To find out more about this service or request a quote, please call us or get in touch.

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