Fuel Polishing

Generator fuel polishing - before pircture
Dirty fuel with sludge before fuel polishing
Clean fuel after polishing has taken place
Before and after. A clogged filter and a new, clean filter

Why your company needs our commercial fuel polishing service

Over time, organisms form slime and contamination in diesel fuel and oil. This is especially common in fuel or oil cache containers where diesel is left to sit for long periods of time. Common fuel storage tanks that require polishing are:

  • Generator tanks. When the lights and electric go out, these generators kick in to ensure business continues as usual. However, if you haven’t had your fuel polished, the aforementioned contamination may stop the fuel and generator from working properly. All major banks, retail premises and supermarkets etc will have generator fuel storage vessels.
  • Diesel bug is common in boats fuel storage tanks because of the long periods boats are moored for – whether they are on the canals, open sea or a marina. If vessels are half full – fuel supply is left to sit and the moisture from the air turns into water – causing sediment build up.
  • Distribution and logistic centres. Many of these centres have a supply of their own fuel so that they can fill up their fleet of transport. Sediments can damage the internal workings and engines of these vehicles.
  • Reserve container. These are fuel storage vessels that are holding reserves, so a lot of the time the fuel has sat there for extended periods of time, allowing sludge and sediments to build up.

BCJ have been providing fuel polishing services to both the commercial and domestic sectors for many years.

We offer our fuel polishing service nationwide.

Diesel bugs (fuel contamination)  are common in our atmosphere – they’re essentially all around us. Like all living organisms they require water to exist and live. Contamination will find it’s way into your fuel (oil) and diesel (or any storage) basin, because if it isn’t full, it has some air, all air contains water vapours. These vapours condense and as a result, they form water droplets which causes contamination.

These droplets will drop into your diesel and sink because water is heavier than diesel – it then builds up!

These sediments and debris can cause several consequences including:

  • Reduced power and misfiring of your equipment, technology or engine
  • Blocked fuel filters resulting in frequent costly replacements and repairs
  • Wear and tear on moving parts and gaskets etc
  • Your backup generator may not work properly when you need it to in the event of a power cut resulting in lost business and down time

Does my fuel need polishing?

We use expensive and specialist fuel polishing systems. Our equipment will remove the contents of your depot using very fine filters. These filters will separate any dirt and  contaminated microbial. Once the fuel is purified, and your oil vessel is cleaned, we put the polished fuel back in-to your vessel.

Fuel polishing process and service

Your fuel is polished in this three phase process:

    1. The first stage: Process one, we’ll draw your diesel out of the vessel. Our equipment will spin off large solids (dirt, microbes and rust). These are heavier than diesel and drop to the bottom of the collection bowl.
    2. Second stage: Smaller water droplets will appear at the top surface of our filter. When heavy enough, they will also drop to the bottom of the collection bowl.
    3. Final stage: This is the filtration polishing process. The filters will repel water, remove the contaminants and thus your fuel is separated and cleaned!

Having a build up of sludge, your vessels rust and other bugs and dirt in your fuel is never good.

Our fuel polishing filtration systems are of the highest quality. We polish fuel to ensure that all bugs are removed, our process will remove even the tiniest amounts of dirt and bugs.

We use powerful filtration equipment with fine filters and high pressure pumps. These are the 2 main components that guarantee a successful fuel polish. Have a filter that’s too big and oil bugs will remain, have a pump that isn’t very powerful and fuel polishing and our process in general will take a while.

There is much more science behind the scenes of our service, that we are more than happy to explain. Contact us here for more details about our fuel polishing systems.

We guarantee not to lose any of your fuel. We will polish, clean, filter and return every drop of fuel. We have worked on some of the largest oil vessels in the country.

Generator Fuel Polishing


Data Centres, banks, retail premises, supermarkets and other large commercial businesses rely on their fuel powered generators to ensure their businesses continue to run in the event of a power cut.

Your generators not firing up and working properly can cause major fiscal problems. Thankfully, this is easy to avoid and cost effective.

The most common problem for generators failing is because their diesel and generators have contaminated fuel. Diesel is an organic compound and when it is left to sit it can deteriorate (in as little as 60 – 90 days). Diesel Fuel Polishing and filtration is one of our most popular products.

Diesel and oil bugs are common in our atmosphere – they’re essentially all around us. Like all living organisms they require water to exist and live. Diesel bug will find it’s way into your diesel (or any storage tank), because if your basin isn’t full, it has some air, all air contains water vapours. These vapours condense and as a result, they form water droplets.

These droplets will drop into your diesel and sink because water is heavier than diesel – it then builds up!

Fuel Cleaning service – Ensure you’re free of contaminants

Fuel contamination in your generators fuel tank can have a massive, negative impact on your business being able to function during in a power cut or loss of power.

Fuel contamination’s really need to be captured by the primary filters, however bacteria is a large biomass that will quickly obstruct and clog your filters. If you do not clean your fuel the microbial has the ability to double in size every 20 minutes.

Worse still, if the filters are unable to cope, contamination is likely to discover its way to the injectors of the generators engine. If this takes place, the most likely result is expensive engine repair work.

It takes just a few months for fuel sitting idle to begin to degrade. Realistically fuel is often left to sit for years and in the case of supermarkets and other large retail outlets and buildings, we are talking about thousands upon thousands of litres of fuel. In the UK, power cuts do not constantly happen (thankfully), but this also means that backup generators and their fuel storage basins are left to sit. This is why our generator fuel polishing service is a must.

Regular generator fuel polishing

With regular fuel polishing, contaminants such as sludge, water, microbial bacteria, germs and any solids or particles in the container are disposed of and your fuel or oil supply is “polished”.

Using our generator fuel polishing service will ensure that not only your fuel is free of contaminants and particulate-free, we will also ensure your fuel container is clean. This will improve your generators combustion along with the elimination of carbon deposits. As an added bonus, the cleaner the fuel, the lower the consumption.

Our fuel cleaning equipment

We implement commercial fuel polishing equipment designed and manufactured by IPU. Our equipment expertly incorporates high capacity particulate filtration principles, guaranteeing the removal of both microbial bacterial and solid contamination – down to 18/16/13 or even better. With the Filtasorb2 Cells, 99.9% of all free water is also removed.


  • Lightweight and portable, perfect for mobile use and basement vessel access
  • Powerful pump with high flow rates up to 80 L/min
  • High volume dirt holding capacity to deliver ISO cleanliness codes of 18/16/13 or better
  • High performance Filtasorb2 inserts to achieve 100ppm or better (exceeding EN590) filtration
  • Extensive selection of filter cell inserts to suit every clean-up application
  • Suitable for most diesel, kerosene, biodiesel (B100) and oil applications


  • Clean, dry fuel, ready for use when required
  • Recover and reuse contaminated fuels
  • Single pass cleanliness
  • Excellent for fuel recovery.
Commercial Fuel Polishing Machine IPU DDM-2

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