underground storage tank removal

Below ground fuel tank removal

Posted on February 7, 2018 · Posted in Blog

Decommissioning an underground storage tank

BCJ recently carried out the complicated task of removing a fuel tank from below ground. This involved a list of activities including:

  • Using a mini digger to break up the concrete so that we could access the underground storage tank, in order to remove and decommission.
  • Capping off pipework
  • Removal and safe decommission of the tank
  • Remedial works to land to ensure surface was back to its original state.

Underground fuel tank removal requires a range of specialist skills. It’s not simply, excavating the ground and removing a large metal container.

We have to decommission underground tanks safely and within the parameters of the law. As with this client, the job began with us looking over plans to correlate what was below ground. It is especially important when you are dealing with flammables or other dangerous chemicals. We need to find out where pipes are located, what we need to cut off and then decide how to safely remove the tank from below ground.

We carried out further ground tests before we began breaking up the clients concrete. If any of the ground were contaminated we would have safely and legally taken it to a licensed site for safe disposal.

Safely removing the underground fuel tank

Once we had exposed the top of the tank and cut a hole into it, we continued to remove the sludge and remnants of the chemical. This is done using a high-pressure water jetting system. We ensured that all chemicals were sent to a licensed waste site. All of our staff are highly skilled and trained. Confined space entry should not be attempted by anyone that is not trained to do so.

Once we had successfully cleaned and emptied the tank, we proceeded to remove it. whilst the tank was in-situ we cut it down into pieces. All pieces were successfully recycled.

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